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MPW-914-signal stability control device 
MPW-914-signal stability control device 
MPW-914-signal stability control device 
MPW-914-signal stability control device, suitable for continuous 400V power supply system of industrial processes, such as: coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, power plants power systems, environmental systems, and other fields. Use the control device, in the case of power failure of power supply line, depending on the system running at the fastest speed on the switch to an alternate line loads to avoid power outages or equipment when switching impact damage, simplify the switch operation and prevent improper operation, to ensure that the load power runs continuously.
1. According to circuit breaker automatic recognition of status is running on a dual-feeder and feeder or two-bus-bar coupling;
2. under normal conditions of feeder, feeder bus-bar coupling and two manual switching between these three;
3. the main feeder, standby feeder under fault conditions, the period between the first-phase and residual pressure and long time delay switch, switching principles of advanced and complete;
4. low-voltage, high and low voltage side jumps, switch, and theft protection startup and many other startup switches;